Negmar Shipping Investment Corporation is a large organization with its group of companies operating on the Maritime and IT sector.


Our vision is to be the leader and model institution in the sector by providing the finest quality and most reliable service in the vehicle and passenger transportation.


With the understanding of our indigenous and national values, we provide services to our guests at the most comfortable and affordable prices, without compromising our safe and quality activities that are open to development in vehicle and passenger transportation.


While Negmar naturally adopts a profit-oriented service approach because of its commercial enterprise, it also acts with the principle of bringing the profit to the country it serves and its citizens. This understanding consists of a set of principles that will not change even in the case of standing alone without considering where rival companies in the sector stand and what they do. It does not hesitate to offer its assets to the service of society, nation and state.
Negmar is first and foremost an initiative based on accountability. Negmar's accountability motto, which acts lawfully in all its operations and works in this direction, is a fundamental element that makes Negmar have a voice in its own field. Therefore, our accountability comes first among the defense mechanisms to be applied against any kind of discourse, initiative and work that pose a threat to Negmar.
Starting from the foundation story, Negmar is the work of a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. While this spirit prepares the ground for Negmar to play an active role in the new opportunities in the sectors in which it operates, it also fulfills its responsibility to create opportunities for both Negmar group commercial benefit and Turkey's total benefit in both the sectors it operates and in different sectors.
As Negmar, it has adopted the principle of being accountable and transparent in all its activities since the day it was established and acts with a corporate governance approach. While acting with a quality, modern, fast and reliable service understanding, we are working 7/24 work schedule to solve all kinds of problems with our experienced staff.
It continues its activities in order to increase its market share and provide a high quality and cheap service to its customers, open to all kinds of innovations related to new technological developments in the sector.
In this regard, Negmar designs processes and business models focusing on business, employee, shareholder and supplier oriented works can be carried out without being dependent on individuals. Flexible, fast and situational solutions are produced taking into account the priorities of the customers.


As Negmar, we act with the awareness of serving our country, benefiting the society, respecting people and being environmentally conscious. We work in accordance with our perfectionist quality standards so that our passengers can enjoy a pleasant and safe journey on our ferries while conducting our activities, taking into account the general quality standards accepted by the international public. While determining a fast, modern and reliable working style in order to minimize the travel costs of our customers and to maximize their benefits, we work to increase our quality day by day. We are at the service of our guests with our understanding of sustainable growth and modern activity, sensitive to society and the environment.